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The Unofficial Guide to IRC Channel
# #wheresgeorge

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Table of Contents
What's IRC?
Getting Started
Who's Who

Welcome to The Unofficial Guide to IRC Channel #wheresgeorge. This page explains the simple guidelines, rules, tips, and whatnot that are necessary to explore and appreciate the channel.

What's IRC?
IRC is short for Internet Relay Chat, and it's a system of (what else?) chatting via the Internet. Each IRC user has an IRC client, or a program that lets him or her use the IRC system. There are many different IRC clients out there. A good client for Windows is
mIRC (which is what I use), while a recommended client for the Mac is Ircle. IRC has many small servers on which certain channels (read: chatrooms) can be reached, the largest of these being EFnet and Dalnet. Each user has a nickname, or a nick, that they use for chatting.

Getting Started
Have you downloaded mIRC or Ircle yet? Do that if you haven't already. Now, here are the ways to get on #wheresgeorge using mIRC and Ircle:
1.) Open mIRC.
2.) Close the annoying "About" screen that automatically pops up. (See mIRC Figure 1.)
3.) A window will pop up. In the window, set "IRC Servers" to EFnet. Right below, set the server to the location nearest you (for better results). Further down, enter your name, e-mail address, your nickname (which is what you will be known as in the channel), and an alternative (in case someone else on EFnet is already using your nick). Finally, connect! (See mIRC Figure 2.
4.) mIRC will connect you. (See mIRC Figure 3.)
5.) After you're connected, a little window will pop up. This window shows you a list of channels you can go to, and also offers you a chance to visit one by typing in the name. Type in #wheresgeorge and click "Join." If this window gets annoying, you can uncheck "Pop up folder on connect" and type in /join #wheresgeorge after you're connected. (See mIRC Figure 3.)
6.) You're in! (See mIRC Figure 4.)
1.) Open Ircle. Don't worry about all the windows that pop open. We will get to those later.
2.) Go to the preferences folder in the file menu. Leave everything default, except the Misc., click the Misc tab. Uncheck everything except "Extended/whois function". (See Ircle Figure 1.)
3.) Now to set up the EFnet server. Open the Connections window (the window menu). It will have ten servers preselected, none are EFnet so a few will have to be changed. Pick one at random and click once to highlight. Then at the bottom of the window, click the server button to open the server selection list. (See Ircle Figure 2.) Scroll down until you come to the efnet servers. Pick one near you. Once you have picked one, hit the select button. Then go back to the connections window and do it again. It is good to have three or four selected, because some nights it is busy and hard to get on.
4.) Go back to the connections window and select and highlight an EFnet server. Then click the connect button. Then click the nick button. You have to change your nick from "ircleuser". (See Ircle Figures 3 and 3.)
5.) Now you are ready! Go to the Commands menu and pick "join" and type in #wheresgeorge. (See Ircle Figure 4.) Hit okay, and you are there. (See Ircle Figure 4.)
6.) You may have too many windows opened. If you see a console window, close it. The only windows that are needed are the input line window and the channel window. I keep the connections window and the users window opened, but they are not necessary. (See mIRC Figure 5.)

Who's Who
Note: Very old and outdated, but still kept here anyway in the spirit of laziness. -Slowpoke 3/10/05

It's good to make a first impression on the group by knowing all their WG handles, regardless of how different their IRC handles are. So that's why I've created this list of Georgers (which is far from complete) who frequent the channel along with their IRC nicks when they are available and away:

IRC Nick IRC Nick
When Away
WG Handle
agt_splat   Agent Splat
Albatr0ss Bird-Away Albatross
AnnaKY   Anna [in KY]
Beaker1   Beaker
crow_noir   Crow
Cwazywabt   Dwight
dag   Dag
DanWest DanBRB Dan West
deke_omi   Josiah
derekbmg   Derek @ BMG
Doomer   Doomer
Draconia   Draconia
fogette fog_isAFK fogette
FRNdetroi   FRNdetroit
HankE HankE_BRB Hank [yes, the Hank]
HollyByG HollyAFK Holly By Golly
innerNUT Nutafk ꮤk
JasonKY   Jason [in KY]
jfk81 jfk-afk JFK
Kurt_MI   Kurt in MI
Larry_MD   Larry [in MD]
ManInWild ManAtWork ManInTheWild
Mark_   M
Morton   StayFloopy
NJTim   dudcat
Prisoner_   Johnathan [in Baton Rouge]
regnad   regnad
Seamus_MD   Seamus
Slowpoke Poke_Away Slowpoke
SMB   Sailor Moon Beam
StaceyWG   Stacey [in NJ]
UTspencer   Spencer
Webfoot   Webfoot
xpedite   Xpedite

Do you have questions, comments, or additional information that would be uselful to this page? Anon e-mail me, Slowpoke, through
my profile.
Ircle help from fogette, who visits #wheresgeorge under the nick (what else?) fogette.

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