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December 24, 1952
January 11, 2003
Full name: Michael Ray Mitchell
Hometown: Richmond, VA
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Summary: mitch (he always typed in lower case letters) was full of knowledge and answered many Georgers' questions, providing clever ideas and Georging tips. His helpfulness earned him a position as a member of Team AQUA. mitch was a very mysterious Georger, but his friends described him in real life as friendly and outgoing. He also had a strong sense of humor, as his profile indicates. mitch was killed in a drive-by shooting outside his home. The case remains unsolved. He was 50 years old.

Image courtesy of
Richmond, VA Police Department Crime Stoppers

Jerry in the Desert
August 28, 1940
June 13, 2002
Full name: Jerry Harvey
Hometown: Twentynine Palms, CA
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Summary: Jerry quickly became a well-liked Georger. He was always friendly and polite to his fellow users. A man of many talents, Jerry was a coin collector, a ham radio operator, a retired Marine, a certified skydiver, a certified scuba diver, and, for his last 10 months, a spirited Georger. He loved to enter bills with his grandson, and had a custom WG coffee mug made. Jerry died of a heart attack at the age of 61.
Photo: Not Available

January 1, 2002
Full name: Bob Ervin
Hometown: Madras, OR
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Summary: Bob enjoyed boating, water skiing, scuba diving, reading, cooking, and Georging, of course. He was a paramedic in Jefferson County, Oregon. On a cold New Year's Day, he was standing near an ambulance and setting off flares on a highway. A speeding truck slid and knocked the ambulance over, trapping him underneath. Bob was 43. He had a huge memorial service with an estimated 850 people, including police, EMS, and fire departments.
Photo: Not Available

August 4, 1951
October 21, 2001
Full name: George Chiasson
Hometown: Silverdale, WA
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Summary: George was one of the Top 10 Users, and one of the top 10 best. He loved collecting (as well as tracking) dollar bills. George had many old, rare bills and bills from over 100 other Georgers in his collection. George was also a big fan of Volkswagen Beetles. He was always friendly and assisted new users with a smile. A stroke claimed George at the age of 50. The day his death was announced, his profile received over 1,000 hits.

Image courtesy of fogette.

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